Well Don't Just Stand There

Well Don't Just Stand There

I spend way too much time reading up on startups, products, privacy and technology and I've just gotta talk about it! Everything you never knew you never wanted to know about surveillance, startups, tech culture, and outbursts about games, software, and gadgets I'm either using or lambasting. A vertical slice delivered every week!

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    #10 - Star Wars, SpaceX, Drone Registration, Netflix algorithms... and more!

    I give my numerical review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, discuss the implications of the FAA's Drone Registration rules, Netflix rolls out new compression algorithms to deliver more entertainment with less bandwidth, Dating sites get hacked (no a different one), someone develops metal that is 99% air by volume, and CISA comes back with a vengeance in the latest Congressional Budget Bill.

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    #9 - Billion Dollar AI, Tom Hanks Simulation, and Climate Change

    Elon Musk and several Silicon Valley big shots set aside a Billion dollars for public AI research, The University of Washington cracks into the lucrative field of Virtual Tom Hanks, Paris Climate talks reach an actual resolution, and acting gets an auto-tune boost from Disney Research Labs.

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    Episode 4 - Facebook M, Textio fixes your job posts, and Uber <3's Transit & Security

    Episode 4 - Facebook gets into the virtual assistant game with "M" a new feature of Messenger, Textio tells companies what demographics their job posts actually entice, Uber hires security researchers to beef up their self driving car program, and finally Instagram gets wide and vertical with its images and videos.

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